Everything you need to know about our world famous Vancouver BC Nudist Paradise

Wreck Beachers, this is YOUR website and we await YOUR contributions, so get on it!



An opportunity for the amazing Wreck Beach Community to express their Creativity, Playfulness, Entertainment and Love with everyone.

Welcome to Wreck Beach Canada

Where is this world famous clothing optional haven? Wreck Beach is situated in Vancouver, below the far western Cliffside of the UBC endowment lands and stretches both south and north along the waterfront. It officially begins at Acadia Beach, ending at Booming Ground Creek and is a full 7.8km long stretch of beach area.  There are plenty of great ways to get to Wreck Beach and many more exciting trails to explore once you are there. 

This website gives you a multitude of wonderful insights on how to enjoy and explore our internationally known beach if you are adventuresome and so motivated.  As Wreck Beach is situated below steep cliffs, the journey will be as interesting as the destination.  If you wish to fully immerse yourself into the amazing Wreck Beach Community Spirit we are also known for, then perhaps main beach located at Trail 6 is your first choice, as it will also offer easy access to secluded locations if preferred.

Who are Wreck Beachers? An eclectic group of characters from every walk of life, Wreck Beacher's have one very important thing in common...a LOVE for an incredibly sacred haven, that is like no other on the planet.  Whenever we head down the 473 stairs (Trail 6 main beach) to enjoy the sunshine, waves, live music, and camaraderie, we are consistently rocked with laughter, joy and inspiration.  On any given day you will witness unbridled individuality and the ever expressive antics of the wild and wonderful mardi gras flavored Wreck Beach Community.  As Wreck Beacher's we feel incredibly blessed to participate in this healing slice of microcosmic magic. It is better than any reality TV show anywhere and we are totally and irrepressibly smitten, numerous times, daily! 

Many of us gather virtually year round to play music and commune together, as our Love for the beach community and friendships we have created, is a connection that goes far beyond reason or seasons.  Wreck Beach Community is truly an example of how we humans can easily co-create magic together.  This sacred place offers us the opportunity to open our hearts and choose to see the Divine in everyone and everything, every minute, of every day.   As the day on the beach transpires, it becomes abundantly clear there is nothing else more important to master, of that I am sure.


All you need to know to enjoy Wreck Beach too!

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Wreck Beach Community Music Jam at Sunset

photo by Hollywood


Wreck Beach on CBC TV

Wreck Beach was a nominee for the "Seven Wonders of Canada," a contest put on by CBC in May, 2007. 

This story, shown to more than a million viewers on several occasions,  featured our world famous landmark as part of that CBC contest.

A very well done video, CBC truly captured the essence of our Wreck Beach haven taken from the personal perspective of several of the regular beach community who really love Wreck.

See why our Vancouver landmark attracts a wide variety of clothing optional Epicureans.

CBC 7 Wonders 2007 page


Wreck Beach Musicians 2010 Games

During the Olympics, WreckBeachCanada.com was a co-sponsor of the Made in Vancouver Festival Feb. 13-27, 2010 which presented many of our very talented Wreck Beach musicians and performers.

Hollywood acted as Festival Program Director and dedicated her volunteer efforts almost exclusively full time for 3 months organizing all the details for the WRECK BEACH LIVE portion of the event Feb. 24-25 so that beach musicians could be featured.  The event was held on 2 outdoor stages in Yaletown in the heart of the downtown action during the 2010 Games. It was a truly magical time for everyone involved.  See some of the artists and moments captured on this Cats Eye Video by Ronnie Novak.




Think of this as your site...

This co-creative endeavor is a massive project, so we welcome all your ideas, photos, videos, musical expressions, artistic endeavors, healing arts, love letters, stories, newsletter contributions and anything fun that is Wreck Beach related worth sharing. As the collection of your contributions comes together, we will sift, sort and blend it into an ever-evolving expression of inspiration for everyone.  Within each page on the links above, you will see an index filled with ideas of how it may be developed.  Some of these hold  lofty goals and include long term plans, as our attitude is, "Hold the Vision Clear and See Who and What Shows Up."  So as we gain momentum to facilitate the process with your generous donations, physically, financially, spiritually and creatively, this loving community project will come together.  If you feel motivated to participate by co-creating any of the areas noted on the site, by all means let us know, as there is lot's to do and we are happy to give credit as long as we have final edit! 

We so look forward to your support in whatever way that looks, as YOU are one of the many special pieces that makes Wreck Beach Community what it is.  So don't be shy, start brainstorming and send in your ideas as soon as possible.  We welcome your contributions. 

With much Love...Hollywood.